For over 40 years, Bassett Racing Wheel has focused on one thing. Building the fastest steel racing wheels money can buy.

No other wheel company has the expertise and technological advantage of Bassett Racing Wheel. Our patented Inertia Advantage designs and complete in-house production capabilities will give you a competitive edge.

Whether you race in NASCAR, FWD mini-stocks, pavement late models or dirt modifieds, Bassett Racing Wheel offers a wheel to get you to the checkered flag first.

Kent Arment wins 2015 WISSOTA 100 Modified Feature on 9/22/15 using Bassett 15x8 Inertia Armor Edge Wissota Wheels.

Glen Luce wins over $30,000 at PASS Oxford 250 race on 8/30/15 using Bassett 15x10 D-Hole Wheels..